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Meet the team

A full stack of nerds!
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    Jonha Doe

    Yap. the Boss!

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    João Garcia

    Senior Developer

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    Paulo Moreira

    Senior Designer

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    Nina Soraia

    Communication & Marketing

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    Hopty Bull


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    Maria Shaptrov

    Help & Support Team

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Clients Feedback

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"Professional, accommodating, timely turnover. Not many services like this in the city. 5*"Fatimah Wobi
City Retreat Leicester
"A dynamic company which offers an excellent service at a reasonable price. Value for money and high quality work. Very highly recommended"Moulana Mohammed Lockhat
The Peace Centre
"Mashallah mashallah!! So kind and patient. I have had a logo and also a flyer made by this company, and I have gone back and gotten the flyer corrected waaayyy after everything was done and set, when I realized a small typo. The brother didn’t show any annoyance and was so kind to meet all the requirements and exceeded expectations mashallah. He gave many options that I can choose from as I wasn’t sure what to choose mashallah. I have recommended him in the past and will continue to do so Inshallahu tala!"Bint Shakeeb
Tarteelul Quran
"Flawless service. Quick turnover, designs are professional and value for money. The team upon seeing the poster all shouted-out in unison ”mashallah” 😃 Finally, good communication and would use their services again."Ammar Vesamia
"A superb quality result based on their own initiative and expertise added with their willingness to work and accomodate the customer's requirements. Ever ready to make slightest of changes. But a great experience overall."Muhammed Talha
Qurtuba Books